New Beginings

I am probably a decade behind everyone else to start blogging but until now even though i had a lot to say i wasn’t ready to say it,so when recently a friend of mine suggested i try writing a blog I felt it was time to speak up

For those who don’t want to hear the ramblings of a 18(almost 19) year old teen who takes himself way too seriously, this may not be you cup of tea but stick around and see if  anything catches your fancy

I am as everyone that knows me will attest a dreamer and while for the most part i am perfectly satisfied with staying in my own world, there are a few issues that are close to my heart that never fail to bring me back to reality. While the increasingly positive attitudes towards the LGBT (lesbian gay bi transgender) in western areas like America and Europe are heartening there is so much more to do on an international level.

While men women in western countries are fighting for the legalization of homosexual  marriage in other countries it’s not even legal to be gay.India has very recently legalized being homosexual but that legalization only stops us from being arrested like sex offenders.The newly passed law does nothing to end discrimination or hate.

Although the world has progressed the decisions of my life are constantly influenced by the fear that someone will find out and in a country where i could be laid off for just for being gay without any other explanation, how am i supposed to be me. For someone who is proud of being gay it is particularly  constricting and for those who aren’t  it just further propagates the shame and self loathing they feel

Unfortunately this is only the tip if the ice burg there are so many countries that are worse off than us.Uganda even tried to pass a bill called “kill the gays” it takes little imagination to understand what they intend to do to us.

History has thought us so much but in times like these i wonder whether we ever learn at all.One would think that after seeing the African-American civil rights movement the end of apartheid we would have learnt our lesson, hell even in India we have a tradition of untouchability which we have overcome because we understood then that every human being deserves equal rights,but it took hundreds of years to reach this stage.

Shouldn’t we learn from our past mistakes and try to be accepting now rather than put so many people through so much pain or will we continue down this path only to find our next or next to next generation reading about these atrocities that we committed on our fellow humans and say how could they ever have been so blind, how could they not see what we can see clearly now that love doesn’t see color,race,religion,creed or gender.

Don’t let the future see this as one of the biggest mistakes of our short existence


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